- The world's only deep learning library specialized in the Machine Vision area

- Provide a unified DLL-based library such as Mars/Mercury/Venus

- Easy to apply to existing vision inspection programs

- Modularity considering scalability

- Support GPU(CUDA)/CPU mode


A deep learning software library even general programmers can use,
you can program what you want even if you do not have knowledge of deep learning!

What is NAVI AI Library?

- The NAVI AI Library is the only deep learning library specialized to Machine Vision area in the world.

- Programmers who do not know deep learning can also create a deep learning inspection program with deep learning library.

- It is provided as a DLL-based library, can be easily ported to existing programs and available to produce the customized programs.

- It provides C ++/C#/Python Interface/sample code.

- It supports GPU(CUDA)/CPU mode.

Data Flow & Architecture

- It is a systematic deep learning architecture.

- You can easily proceed with the vision inspection using the .dat file generated by the trainer.

- It provides artificial intelligence inspection as well as rule-based vision inspection.


Training License

Classification License No. Tool Dongle Application Area
Training License A00-XXX-XXX-X NAVI AI Trainer O Provide the image training function for NAVI AI Mercury, Venus, Mars, and OCR inspection

Inspection License

Classification License No. Group Tool Dongle Application Area
Inspection License XXX-B11-XXX-X Classification NAVI AI Mercury O - High-speed accepted/defective object judgment
- High-speed object classification
XXX-B12-XXX-X Detection NAVI AI Venus - Atypical crack, defect, damage and stain
- Metal surface inspection
- Detection of fine defect on solar panels
- LCD sensitivity inspection
XXX-B13-XXX-X Segmentation NAVI AI Mars - Pattern matching
- Detection of object location
- Counting

Identification License

Classification License No. Group Tool Dongle Application Area
Identifi-cation License XXX-XXX-C11-X Detection NAVI AI OCR O - Reading a tricky optical character (embossed/engraved character, Dot character, complex backgrounds, irregular character arrays, various colors/sizes/fonts)