- Specialized to 'C-PHY' camera module inspection
- High-speed sensor interface & High-speed PC interface
- Built-in ISP
- Low CPU usage
- Shorten program initialization time
- Support electrical characteristic inspection
- Convenient software design

Key Features
High-resolution Camera Module Inspection Using MIPI C-Phy

It supports the [Sensor I/F] from sensor to LPMC-900CK – MIPI C-Phy 3 Lane + MIPI D-Phy 4 Lane simultaneously as dual.
It supports twice the bandwidth of USB 3.0 using [PC I / F] LPMC-900CK to PC-link aggregation technology.
- Maximum data rates = 5.4 Gbps (2.7 Gbps X 2)

Built-in ISP to Reduce Tact Time and Increase Accuracy

- Built-in ISP operates in real-time on LPMC-900CK, which is twice as fast as using PC ISP or Phone Board ISP.
- It includes Hardware ISP Function, supports Adaptive Bayer Interpolation, AWB, Lens Shading Correction, Defect Pixel Correction, Focus Value Calculation, Gamma Correction & Look-up Table Conversion and increases the accuracy as it can inspect with high-quality images.
- It shows excellent performance in inspecting AF, OIS and Active Align.

Low CPU Usage

Reducing Program Initialization Time

Supporting Inspection for Electrical Properties

Convenient SW Design


Model Name LPMC-900CK
Image Sensor Interface • MIPI C-Phy 3Lane : Tested 22M sensor 15 Fps
• MIPI D-Phy 4Lane : Up to 1.5Gbps per Lane
• IIC 2channel / SPI 2channel / Usable Set GPIO 4ea
• RESET 2ea / ENABLE 2ea
• Sensor IO 2channel (Voltage range : 0.9V ~ 3.3V)
USB3.0 Interface • USB3.0 Standard B Connector 2 port
Image Data upload • USB3.0.Maximum data rates = 5.4 Gbps
Firmware update • FPGA JTAG, USB Path
Internal Buffer Memory • 2Gbit DDR3 x 1
Connectors for camera Interface • 40pin (2x20) Connector 2mm pitch(female) connector x 2
Configuration for Camera module registers • Through USB Packet
Power for Image Sensor • Sensor Power channel 8ea for current measure
: Flexible 10channel (current measure), MAX: 500mA(limit)
OTP 2 channel (max 10.5V)
Sensor Main Clock • Usable set (Programming OSC) : Up to 68Mhz x 2
Device ID • Up to 4 IDs
Dimension PCB (CASE) • 110mm x 110mm (116mm x 116mm x 29.8mm)
Power Supply • DC +12.0V / 2A (5.5Ø Adaptor)