Securing the powerful computing power by applying AP and NVIDIA's latest ARM CPU multi-core + GPU multi-core architecture
  • Securing the powerful computing power by applying AP and NVIDIA's latest ARM CPU multi-core + GPU multi-core architecture
  • AI-based atypical crack inspection
  • AI-based defect and damage inspection
  • AI-based stain and pollution inspection
  • AI-based detection of micro defects of various parts
  • Providing the easy-to-use graphical UI and Wizard that enable setting up and running in 3 minutes
  • Availability of corresponding to various environments flexibly by composing the main unit with 4x4cm removable subminiature sensor unit

Securing the world's best HW performance
You can carry out the vision inspection without PC by equipping with the world's first AI(Artificial Intelligence)-based smart solution

Defect Inspection Showing Exact Location of Defects from Samples

- Inspection on atypical cracks, defects, damage, and stain

- Inspection on the metal surface and detection of other micro defects

- Applying semantic segmentation

- Displaying the defective position accurately on the screen

Crack Inspection on Electronic Components

The World's Best Powerful Computing Power Comparing with PC

- Applying Tegra TX2 processor applying the latest architecture of NVIDIA

- Realizing 65 times performance of existing LPSC600 model

- Realizing 31 times performance of Intel i5 laptop(2.4GHz)       

Easy and Convenient Graphical User Interface

- WIZARD-style follow-up type beginner mode

- Intuitive and fancy GUI-based UI/UX

- Allow checking the settings at the same time as setting

- Multilingual support (Korean, English, Chinese, etc.)

- Provide tips and information for setting items in the menu

- Allow seeing the results of various inspections on a single screen

Execution of Multiple Inspections from Various Perspectives with Single Smart Camera

[A] Multi-aspect Complex Inspection/Heterogeneous Inspection
  • Available to inspect the front, back, and side of the inspection object simultaneously
  • Available to execute different types of inspection for each side simultaneously

[B] Overcoming WD Constraints with Distance Sensor and AF Option
  • Available to use one camera for inspection of samples with a different height
  • Available to make ultra-precision focusing by adding a liquid lens if necessary

[C] Expansion of FOV through Multi-Camera Configuration with Single Body + Multi-Sensor
  • Overcome constraints on inspection area and size of the inspection object
  • Available to extend even if the FOV is insufficient by applying multi-sensor
  • Available to connect up to two cameras (expected to expand to four units later)

Model LPSC-700 Series Hardware Specification
(Second Half Year in ‘18 )
Pixels of Sensor 1.6MP 5MP 5MP
Image Resolution 1456 x 1088 2448 x 2048 2448 x 2048
Mono/Color 10bits Mono 10bits Mono 10 bits Color
Frame Rates 226 fps 80.5 fps 80.5 fps
Shutter Type Global Global Global
CPU 2GHz Dual Cortex A72 Cores + Quad A57 Cores
GPU 256 CUDA Cores
Memory 8 GB (LPDDR4)
Storage 32 GB eMMC
Shutter Type Global
Aimer O
Trigger SW/HW Trig. Both
Ch. of Ports 4 Ch. (2 SLVDS + 2 USB)
Lens Mount C-Mount
Illumination Control Direct Drive Embedded, 3.5W x 2Ch.
Protocols RS-232C, TCP/IP, Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet
General I/O 16 bits