Features and Application Areas
- Support various focal lengths with options of variable focus lens type and fixed focus lens type
- Flexible to cope with barcode reading environment with optical filter option
- Intuitive setup program and user-customized UI

- Ability to read various barcodes even in difficult environments
- Up to 16 multi-barcode readable
- Support Auto Focus to read barcodes at various distances

- Support Auto tune that can be installed quickly and easily (setting focus automatically for variable focus lens type)
- 1.2M high-quality image sensor, easy to install with wide FOV and dynamic WD
Application Areas
DPM Barcode
- Barcode recognition directly engraved on PCB/auto parts/cellphone parts/secondary battery

Moving Barcode
- Bar code recognition on food or beverage and pharmaceutical label or vinyl

Multi-barcode (Max 16)
- Identify the same barcode or various barcode types at once

Ultra-compact Barcode

Complete Solution for 1D, 2D, DPM Barcode Reading

  • Easy to read barcodes with Auto Tune function
  • Quickly and accurately set barcode reading conditions automatically (** Set focus automatically for VF lens option)

  • Save up to 20 set value information in the barcode reader
  • Reading barcode flexibly in a variable environment by changing multiple settings stored in the Bank

VF Lens
  • Install the barcode reader and control the focus from minimum 40mm to 600mm
  • Choice of 6.5mm, 9.6mm VF lens options

Optical Filter
  • Polarizing filter removes reflected light and improves barcode recognition rate printed on reflective material

Model LPBR-2000
Image Resolution 1.2M pixel (1280 x 960) global Shutter
Image Sensor 1/3" CMOS
Acquisition 54fps (SXGA) 104fps (VGA)
Decode Rate 25fps Decode (SXGA) 50fps Decode (VGA)
Lens options - 9.6mm Liquid Lens
- 6.5mm Liquid Lens
- 6.5mm fixed Lens
Trigger Manual, External(12V ~ 24V)
Aimer LED (Green)
Status Outputs LEDs with beeper and two Button(TUNE, TRIGGER)
Communications Ethernet(10/ 100), RS232
Direct Display -
Power 12V ~ 24V
Material Aluminum Housing,Polycarbonate window
Weight 80g
Dimensions - 9.6mm : 45mm x 62.7mm x24mm
- 6.5mm : 45mm x 56.7mm x24mm
Storage Temperature -10°C to 60°C
Operation and Storage Humidity 95% (non-condensing)
Product Size


- Lens option: 6.5mm Fixed lens, 6.5mm VF lens


- Lens option: 9.6mm VF lens


Intuitive Setting Program
  • Place icons and features for the user's convenience
  • Changeable View customized for users