LaonCeph is Cephalometric analysis software of lateral X-Ray for 2D orthodontic diagnosis.
The software has the Auto Landmark Detection function for cephalometric analysis. In particular, its Auto Landmark Tracing makes possible the precise Landmark tracing that shortens a 2D cephalometric analysis time more than the conventional direct selection method.
  • Automatic Landmark Detection
  • Cephalometric Measurement
  • Polygonal Chart
  • Treatment Planning and Simulation
Key Functions
Automatic Landmark Detection
You can get accurate landmark location automatically without user input even in various patient’s skeletal types.
Cephalometric Measurement
You can check dimension’s information such as length and angle of points of landmark according to selected analysis method using landmark.
Polygonal Chart
Analyzed Patient’s information according to Analysis Method is expressed in the form of a polygonal chart.
Treatment planning and simulation
 Easy Matching function of between X-Y image and Photo image

 Easy Transform Image and Display Result