AI Vision,
open up the era of smartness with.

LAON PEOPLE develops AI Solutions
that need for our life with our own experience and Know-How.

Vision inspection software,
NAVI AI that is beyond the impossibility of Vision Inspection.

NAVI AI, based on Deep Learning, and industrial cameras' collaboration will help you to solve the difficulty of Vision inspection that you thought it’s impossible.

New traffic light on the road,
GreenLight AI.

This is a new type of transportation system that applies a deep learning algorithm for traffic volume analysis to the world's first smart camera.

Diagnosing Teeth with accuracy by AI Dental Solution.

This is an artificial intelligence dental solution using LAON PEOPLE’s imaging processing technology and deep learning algorithm technology.



LAON PEOPLE Inc. has fulfilled all its missions in a unique position in a variety of industries. Laon People provides the best-customized solution for each industry's requirements with their unmatched experience and skills accumulated in the field of AI machine vision.
Experienced solutions tailored to your intended use and to your own business environment.


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